Seasonal General Service

Seasonal General Service : Schedule "SGS" (Rate Class 0004)

Seasonal and Low Usage General Service is available to members of Thumb Electric Cooperative, who occupy or make use of their facilities only a part of each year or at intervals during the year, for all uses, subject to the established rules and regulations of the Cooperative.  

In addition, this rate is available for non Farm & Home members with low annual usage of under 2,400 kWh. This schedule is specifically intended for, but not necessarily limited to, the following classes of service: seasonal commercial, seasonal industrial, irrigation system, isolated pumps, sheds, and any others that cannot be classified as Seasonal Farm & Home. Schools may have the option of taking service under this schedule, if they so choose. 

Monthly Rate: Service charge per month $25.00       All kWh @ $0.13065 per kWh

The minimum charge under this schedule shall not be less than $25.00 per month, plus the Energy Waste Reduction Surcharge amount shown on Sheet No. D-20.03. The minimum charge may be increased, in accordance with the Cooperative's rules and regulations, in those cases in which a greater than average investment is necessary in order to serve an account under this schedule.