What To Do In An Electrical Storm

What To Do In An Electrical Storm

NOTE: Lightning surges from the clouds to the ground along the best conductor around, which is usually the highest object. DON'T BE THAT CONDUCTOR!

If you are outside in a storm, do this: 

  • Seek shelter, preferably a house. Get in your vehicle. 
  • On a golf course, get in your golf cart. 
  • If in the open, seek low ground. Sit or lie down... it may be uncomfortable, but it may save your life.

Things not to do: 

  • On a golf course, don't continue to play, and never hold a metal club in your hand.
  • Don't swim. If you are in the water, get out! If you are in a boat, get to land! 
  • Stay away from metal objects that are lightning conductors. 
  • Don't stand under a tree. Instead of providing shelter, a wet tree can attract lightning. Never stand out in the open during a storm.