Board of Directors for Thumb Electric Cooperative

Thumb Electric Cooperative's Board of Directors. 

Thumb Electric Cooperative Board of Directors

People just like you serve on the Thumb Electric Cooperative Board of Directors. Your electric cooperative is a democratically-controlled business. It doesn’t have stockholders, so the Board isn’t made up of the people who own the most shares and are looking for big returns on their investment. Your cooperative is governed by local people with your best interest and the cooperative’s best interest at heart. And they are elected by you, the Member.

One of the basic qualifications for serving on the board is you have to receive electric service within the district up for election – so that means all directors are members. These people are also active, community leaders representing the needs of their local constituents. 

Thumb Electric Cooperative is governed by a board of nine directors elected from the membership at the annual meeting. TEC's bylaws require that 3 directors be elected to represent each county. At each annual meeting at least one director from each county is up for re-election. A nominating committee consisting of members is utilized to select a list of nominees prior to the annual meeting. Nominations can also be made by petition and from the floor.  The cooperative’s bylaws contain exact details about director qualifications and the nomination/election process.

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District Area

Name and Title

Townships Represented

Term Expires

Huron County - District 1

Randall Dhyse, Treasurer

Port Austin, Caseville, Lake, Hume, Dwight, Huron, Chandler, Meade and Lincoln

June 2022


Huron County - District 2

Donald Wolschleger, Director

Bloomfield, Rubicon, Sigel, Sandbeach, Bingham, Paris, Sherman and East Sherman

June 2021


Huron County - District 3

Beth McDonald, Secretary

Fair Haven, Winsor, Oliver, Colfax, Verona, Sebewaing, Brookfield, Grant and Sheridan

June 2020


Sanilac County - District 1

Kim Nunn, Vice-President

Marion, Forester, Bridgehampton, Washington, Sanilac, Buel and Lexington

June 2022


Sanilac County - District 2

Mike Briolat, Director

Greenleaf, Austin, Minden, Delaware (East & West), Evergreen, Argyle and Wheatland

June 2021


Sanilac County - District 3

Duane Kursinsky, Director

Lamotte, Moore, Custer, Marlette, Elmer, Watertown, Elk and Speaker

June 2020


Tuscola County - District 1

Louis Wenzlaff, President

Novesta, Wells, Kingston, Dayton and Koylton

June 2022


Tuscola County - District 2

Jonathan Findlay, Director

Akron (Upper & Lower), Columbia, Elmwood, Elkland, Fairgrove, Almer, Ellington, Juniata and Indianfield

June 2021


Tuscola County - District 3

Carl Cousins, Director

Vassar, Fremont, Arbella, Millington and Watertown

June 2020