Home Electronics Protection Program

Protect your electronics investment with the TESC Home Electronics Protection Program. 

Thumb Electric Cooperative's
Surge Protection Program
Featuring Point of Service Surge Protection from TESC

What are power surges and from where do they come?

Power surges are sudden powerful increases in voltage that can damage or destroy household appliances and electronic equipment. While lightning is dramatic in effect, it is by no means the major cause of power surges. Birds, animals and trees interfering with power lines, auto accidents involving utility poles, and many other factors from the outside world or before the meter can cause momentary surges. 

Why should I participate?

1. To help save your appliances and electronics from damage or destruction.

2. For peace of mind and convenience while you're away from home.

3. To prolong life of appliances and electronics (power surges damage as well as destroy).

4. For low-cost, point of service protection made from quality components.

5. 100% lifetime surge equipment guarantee with no maintenance cost.

How does the Point of Service Surge Protection work?

After checking to see that your home has an adequate grounding system, a point of service device is attached to your meter base or point of service by a qualified person. This device is designed to reduce potentially damaging external, high-voltage spikes and surges to a "safe" level before they enter your home. For protection from internal sources of surge voltage, readily available surge protection devices such as surge protection strips are also recommended.  (Not available through TESC, see your local retail store.)

How do I get the Point of Service Surge Protection equipment?  

Simply call TEC at 1-800-327-0166 or 989-658-8571 to schedule an appointment with a member services representative.  The minimum lease period is for two years, with the monthly lease being conveniently added to your electric bill.  The equipment remains the property of TESC, according to the lease agreement and will be serviced by its representatives.

*Point of Service Lease Package:  Lease for $5.99 plus tax per month, for a residential application.  (Commercial applications will be quoted on an individual basis.)


What the Point of Service Surge Protection System is NOT.

*The Surge Protection is not a substitute for lightning rods or other devices intended to protect people or property from direct or nearby lightning.

*The Point of Service Surge Protection is not a substitution for a homeowner's insurance policy.  While there is, under certain conditions, home appliance protection from the surge protection manufacturer*, TEC and TESC do not offer or claim to offer any coverage for loss of lessee appliances or equipment.

*The Point of Service Protection or any surge protection equipment does not offer protection in low voltage situations.  Dimming or "brownout" occurrence is an entirely different matter and should be reported to TEC for further investigation.

What is TESCO's Warranty?