Understanding Your Electric Bill

Questions about your Thumb Electric bill? Use this guide to answer questions you may have about what is on your bill. 

Understanding Your Bill

Use the sample bill below to find the letter marked near the item you would like to learn about. Then use the key below the sample bill to find the corresponding letter and explanation. 

2018 Electric Bill.jpg

A Thumb Electric Cooperative address and telephone numbers.

B - Your name and billing address.

C - The type of bill you are receiving.

D -The rate schedule by which you are billed (A rate table is found on the back of your bill).

E - TEC's Board of Directors approved power cost recovery factor (this rate fluctuates depending on wholesale power costs).

F - The number of kilowatt hours of electricity you used from your previous to latest meter reading.

G The controlled water heater credit (which is deducted from your bill if you participate in the controlled water heater energy management program).

H - State mandated surcharge to provide assistance to low income people. 

I Credit amounts (indicated with a " - " notation).

J - The due date - if payment is not received by this date, your account will be charged a 2% penalty on the unpaid amount for the month.

K - Your share of the cost mandated by the State to implement the Energy Waste Reduction Programs.

L - The Michigan Public Service Commission has determined the average residential customer will save $4.29 each month over the life of the Energy Waste Reduction Programs.

M - Using black ink, write your current month meter reading in the boxes provided. The previous meter reading is listed for your convenience in computing usage.

N - Using black ink, record the date of the reading in the boxes provided. By filling in the boxes, TEC can process your bill with our remittance processing machine, which can process your meter reading, endorse your check and credit your account in one simple step. The remittance processing machine can process up to 600 payments per hour unattended if readings are properly coded with black ink.

O - Your account number (refer to this number for all billing inquiries and include it with all payments).

P - The amount you owe when the payment is received at the Ubly Office on or before the due date.

Q - The amount due if paid after the due date (there is a 2% late payment charge after delinquent date).