Restoration Process | How Does Thumb Electric Restore Service

Four steps to restoring your power after an outage. 

Restoration Process

When electricity is out, it will be restored as quickly and safely as possible. 

  • Restoration Step 1: Transmission Lines
    These high-voltage lines transport bulk electricity from the electric grid to TEC’s substations in our service area.    
  • Restoration Step 2: Substations
    TEC has 16 substations serving 12,300 members in a three-county area. TEC works hard to restore substations quickly because there are numerous members served by each one.
  • Restoration Step 3: Main distribution lines
    If no problems are found at substations, each main distribution line that moves power from substations to towns and communities is checked for problems.
  • Restoration Step 4: Tap lines
    These lines carry power to the member’s transformer. Line crews repair the remaining outages based on which repair will get the most members’ power back on.
  • If you notice that your neighbor has power and you don’t, it may be because damage has been done between your home and the transformer at the nearest pole. Bad weather and falling trees are the primary causes for outages. TEC’s right-of-way crews clear as many of the areas around power lines as possible. Members should stay away from all fallen lines and report them to TEC. Also do not use an emergency generator unless the proper switching mechanism has been properly installed and inspected. TEC line workers’ lives may be put in danger if a generator is operated improperly.

To view a step-by-step graphic representation of how power is restored, click here.