How To Report an Outage at Thumb Electric Coop

Are you experiencing an outage with your Thumb Electric Coop energy service? Here's how to report that outage and be placed in the queue for service restoration. 

How To Report Outages

In Case of Service Interruption call 1-800-327-0166

When you’re faced with an outage…

  • Check your own fuses and circuit breakers to see if it’s an isolated problem in your home, or one that can be corrected simply by flipping a breaker.  Also if you have one, check the breaker box outside on your service pole near your electric meter.  Hint:  If you have a newer electronic meter and the display is off, the problem is on TEC's side.  NOTE:  If a TEC employee is sent out to handle a reported outage when the problem is really in the member's home, the member may be billed a special charge per Michigan Public Service Commission Rules and Regulations.
  • Call your neighbors to see if they have lost power as well.
  • To report your outage contact Thumb Electric Cooperative at 1-800-327-0166 or 1-989-658-8571 or report the outage on our website HERE
  • Remember that in an outage, a cordless phone will not work. Be sure you have at least one regular telephone with a cord to use or a cell phone if the power goes out.

Large outages = PHONE CALLS. If you are unable to get through, please be patient and continue to try to reach TEC.  The Cooperative's phone is manned 24 hours a day.

In the large-scale outages, crews from other utilities will be called in to assist TEC’s linemen, but it takes time to repair broken poles and lines, no matter how many employees are tackling the problem. TEC’s management and employees appreciate your patience in storm situations. No one likes to be without electricity; it has become one of our most treasured commodities, and one we are accustomed to never being without.


  • Remember that any line can be live, so never touch a downed power line, or try to use water to extinguish a fire that has been caused by a sparking line.
  • Electrocution is a very real danger when the weather wreaks havoc on electric lines, or when a pole is hit in an accident and lines fall.
  • Warn your children that downed power lines are always to be avoided.
  • If you are in a vehicle and a line falls on your car, do not leave the vehicle, as you will become electricity’s path to the ground and could well be electrocuted.  If you have to exit your vehicle, do so by jumping clear of the vehicle making sure you do not make contact with the vehicle and the ground at the same time.  Call for help and ask that Thumb Electric Cooperative be notified.  Alert others coming near the vehicle not to touch the vehicle.